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The SEED Terahertz Technology has been Observed

SEED Terahertz Technology

SEED Phenomena Observed

Terahertz Technology ObservedBased on sound, fundamental laws of physics, SEED is not just theory, it is achievable.

Furthermore, the SEED nonlinear excitation and secondary emission phenomena have been observed in a lab environment.

I can unequivocally state, “that the phenomenology required for success /of SEED] has been observed.” I am comfortable in making such a statement for such an event recently occurred in our lab here at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where we observed THz re-emission from a target substance when stimulated with an intense THz pulse excitation.

In fact, this observation is very similar to the prediction from ALVA Labs! Our recent observations of this experiment done by two of my students, Ms. Karen J-/o and Mr. Xinke Wang, are available for your staff’s edification upon request.

Dr. X.-C. Zhang
Letter dated Oct. 24, 2010

The SEED Project: Discovering the Power of Terahertz!

Terahertz waves, also known as T-rays, lie on the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and microwaves. They possess extraordinary properties that make them ideal for security applications. One of the most fascinating abilities of terahertz waves is their capability to penetrate non-metallic materials such as clothing, plastic, and paper. Unlike X-rays, which can be harmful in high doses, terahertz radiation is safe for humans and poses no known health risks.

Terahertz Technology is Ideal for Security

This makes Terahertz an excellent choice for security screening in public places, airports, and even prisons.
With terahertz technology, security personnel can detect concealed objects on a person without the need for physical pat-downs or invasive searches. Terahertz scanners can identify hidden weapons, explosives, or illicit drugs that may be concealed under clothing or within bags. This non-invasive screening process not only enhances security but also respects individuals’ privacy, making it an efficient and well-rounded solution for public safety.

Terahertz Technology is Ideal for Safety

Moreover, terahertz waves can be used for imaging and surveillance purposes, allowing security personnel to see through fog, smoke, or dust. This capability is particularly valuable during search and rescue operations or in hazardous environments, where visibility is limited. By providing a clear picture of the surroundings, terahertz can aid in making informed decisions swiftly, ensuring the safety of both rescuers and those in need.

Terahertz Technology has a Bright Future

It is evident that this technology has the power to transform security measures as we know them. From its ability to penetrate non-metallic materials and identify hidden objects, to its applications in biometrics and quality control, terahertz is set to revolutionize the way we safeguard our society. With further advancements and widespread implementation, terahertz has the potential to create a world that is safer, more secure, and filled with endless possibilities. So, let us embrace the future and harness the powers of terahertz for a brighter and more secure tomorrow!

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