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Patent for SEED Terahertz Granted by the USPTO

SEED Patent

SEED Patent Granted

The patent titled “Stimulated emission and enhanced detection of chemicals and chemical compounds” for the SEED method of terahertz material detection was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on August 14, 2012.

It was formally published on April 1, 2014. It was originally submitted by and under the name of Richard Graziano but later changed to Alva Labs, LLC.  The published Document/Patent number is US-8686366-B2 and consists of a total of 14 pages.



SEED Patent

Collaboration for Innovation

Acquiring a scientific patent can stimulate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among researchers. With the protection offered by a patent, Alva Labs can confidently engage in partnerships with other experts in their field, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to innovation.

This collaboration will enable researchers to pool their resources, expertise, and ideas, leading to a more efficient and effective research process.

By working together and building upon each other’s discoveries, Alva Labs can make significant breakthroughs and advance the frontiers of Terahertz knowledge more rapidly, ultimately enhancing research outcomes.

Exclusive Rights Granted by Patent

The patent for the SEED method of terahertz material detection was granted and this offers numerous advantages that enhance research innovation. From driving research outcomes to fostering collaboration and attracting investment, this patent will provide Alva Labs with legal protection, financial opportunities, and a competitive edge.

By securing exclusive rights to inventions and discoveries, we are encouraged to invest our time and resources into innovative research, knowing that we will reap the benefits of our hard work. In a world where scientific breakthroughs are constantly sought after, obtaining a scientific patent can be a crucial step toward advancing research and fostering innovation.

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