The SEED Project

Developing the SEED Prototype

SEED Terahertz Prototype

The SEED Project


Developing the SEED Prototype requires taking hardware that exists now and combining that with new detection hardware and software.  While the hardware components primarily already exist,  the objective is to:

  1. Scientifically Validate and Demonstrate the SEED concept within a lab environment.
  2. Create the necessary THz Excitation Library & Secondary Emission Library for materials such as explosives and
  3.  Assemble and integrate all the hardware and software components for a viable, out-of-laboratory SEED Prototype.

The SEED prototype will essentially be composed of FIVE major companents:

  1. Computer/CPU: in this case it can be a laptop
  2. A Terahertz frequency transmitter
  3. A Terahertz High Power Tube
  4. A Secondary receiver
  5. A Terahertz Excitation & Secondary Emission Library database catalog

SEED Prototype Device



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