The SEED Project

Alva Labs – Veterans dedicated to SEED terahertz technology


Who We Are

ALVA Labs was formed by a group of concerned Veterans, motivated and dedicated to developing and delivering its patented and cutting-edge SEED terahertz technology as a solution to combating the threat of terrorist activities in the United States and worldwide.

As such, the ALVA Team is ‘Mission’ focused when it comes to achieving our overall goal & objective of ‘Inventing what the world needs’ through the application of leading-edge Terahertz (THz) technologies.

To accomplish this Mission. ALVA Labs has brought together an exceptionally strong team that not only has a clearly demonstrated and extremely successful ‘can do’ attitude, but also provides a subject matter expertise (SME) scientific credibility within the THz community at large:

• Management Team

• Board of Directors

• Scientific Consultant & Mentor

• Industry Collaborative Partner

With such an exceptional and missioned-focused Leadership Team in place, ALVA Labs has the expertise, tenacity, and perseverance to ‘drive on’ to the Objective and succeed.

Rangers Lead The Way! RLTW!



DISCLAIMER: Pictures/References do not imply endorsement by the United States Military Academy, West Point, the US military or the Federal government.


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