Patent for SEED Terahertz Granted by the USPTO

SEED Patent

SEED Patent Granted The patent titled “Stimulated emission and enhanced detection of chemicals and chemical compounds” for the SEED method of terahertz material detection was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on August 14, 2012. It was formally published on April 1, 2014. It was originally submitted by and under the name of […]

Developing the SEED Prototype

SEED Terahertz Prototype

  Developing the SEED Prototype requires taking hardware that exists now and combining that with new detection hardware and software.  While the hardware components primarily already exist,  the objective is to: Scientifically Validate and Demonstrate the SEED concept within a lab environment. Create the necessary THz Excitation Library & Secondary Emission Library for materials such […]

From Terahertz Imaging to Terahertz Spectroscopy

Terahertz Imaging Scan

Although Terahertz technologies have been used for imaging for a while, Stimulated Emission Enhanced Detection is the most promising technology application and offers a vast improvement over conventional imaging and scanning.  Let’s look at these different technology and applications: 1. Terahertz Enhanced Imaging The first application is THz imaging, a passive application that is essentially […]

Our Mission for SEED

DIsabling IED

SEED Project MISSION STATEMENT: Creating Revolutionary Science and Technology to Secure our World from Terrorism ALVA Labs holds the SEED Patent for a device with the potential to not only safely detect and identify from a standoff distance explosives at the molecular level, but also detect and identify, as well as mitigate, biological agents, illnesses […]

SEED – What is SEED?

The SEED Project

What is SEED? With SEED, Stimulated Emission Enhanced Detection, a known Terahertz frequency of the explosive material is applied. If the explosive is located within the frequency’s sweep, the material will absorb some of the applied resonating frequency’s energy. The SEED methodology is a nonlinear THz application that forces a searched for material’s secondary emission […]