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The SEED Project

The SEED Project Team is dedicated to protecting our service members from I.E.D.s – Improvised Explosive Devices, as well as the threat from suicide bombers.

With SEED, Stimulated Emission Enhanced Detection, a known Terahertz frequency of the explosive material is applied. If the explosive is located within the frequency’s sweep, the material will absorb some of the applied resonating frequency’s energy.

Once this frequency is absorbed and then released, the explosive material will send out a Secondary Emission. When this secondary emission is detected and analyzed, the type of explosive material can be determined and properly handled.

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SEED Threat Detection



Project SEED sends out a specialized Terahertz frequency scan.



Explosive Materials send out a Secondary Emission.

SEED Terahertz Prototype


From this Secondary Emission, we are able to determine the threat.


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Join a team dedicated to the great task before us of Defeating the Threat of I.E.D.s and Suicide Bombers to our Service Members.

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Our team of experts is focused and committed to removing this major threat. We need your help to continue our work.

SEED Project

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