While the Hardware components for a Prototype primarily already exist, the objective is to:

(a) Scientifically Validate and Demonstrate the SEED concept within a lab environment
(b) Create the necessary THz Excitation & Secondary Emission library catalogue for materials such as explosives, and
(c) Assemble and Integrate all Hardware and Software components for a viable, out of laboratory SEED Prototype.

The SEED Prototype will essentially be composed of FIVE major components:

  1. Computer CPU – in this case, a laptop
  2. A THz frequency transmitter
  3. A THz high power tube (Excitation)
  4. A Secondary Emission Receiver
  5. A THz Excitation & Secondary Emission library catalogue

SEED Beta Device


What Better Testimonial

Joshua Byers USMA '96

ALVA's initiative is to prevent the senseless deaths and horrific injuries to service members such as Josh, as well as fellow citizens, from the threat of undetected explosives on both the battlefield and beyond.