IED Suicide Bomber Detection

Stand Off Detection and identification of materials, including explosives, and other related chemicals and materials is one of the most pressing advantages of SEED Technologies.  Imagine explosives being detected at a distance, before they are close enough to cause loss of life.  The approaching car or truck can be scanned from a distance for explosives.  The vest packed with explosives identified from a distance.  This changes the terrorist threat.

Now imagine easily going through the airport, without the taking shoes off, emptying your pockets, or the long delays associated with today's security precautions.  This technology has military safety and commercial safety and security applications.  These are just a few.

Explosive compounds – such as Tetryl, RDX & PETN – fall within the THz spectrum and are, thus, susceptible to SEED excitation.

Explosive Spectrum


Database for Explosives


There are several Raman databases or spectral libraries in the open literature. Organic and inorganic explosives including precursors, chemical warfare agents including precursors, pesticides, narcotics, solvents, and naturally occurring toxins are some of the types of compounds tracked by the FBI Hazardous Materials Response Unit. Two libraries have been independently assembled for the FBI Hazardous Materials Response Unit's Raman projects and thus far total more than 450 compounds.