Over the past few years, crowdfunding has proven to be exceptionally successful for a number of projects to include a card game, Wi-Fi light bulb, a movie, a video game console and a smart watch.

  • $1.3M raised in 6 days for a Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color, LED light bulb that's controlled by your smartphone
  • $2M raised in half a day for a movie to be ‘greenlighted’
  • $4M raised in 8 days with over 106,000 contributors for a card game
  • $8.5M raised in 30 days for a video game console
  • $10.3M raised in 30 days for a ‘smart watch’

It is our belief that SEED offers as much, if not more, value to society than any...or all…of these, shall we say, discretionary projects.