Over the past few years, crowdfunding has proven to be exceptionally successful for a number of projects to include a card game, Wi-Fi light bulb, a movie, a video game console and a smart watch.

  • $1.3M raised in 6 days for a Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color, LED light bulb that's controlled by your smartphone
  • $2M raised in half a day for a movie to be ‘greenlighted’
  • $4M raised in 8 days with over 106,000 contributors for a card game
  • $8.5M raised in 30 days for a video game console
  • $10.3M raised in 30 days for a ‘smart watch’

It is our belief that SEED offers as much, if not more, value to society than any...or all…of these, shall we say, discretionary projects.


What Better Testimonial

Joshua Byers USMA '96

ALVA's initiative is to prevent the senseless deaths and horrific injuries to service members such as Josh, as well as fellow citizens, from the threat of undetected explosives on both the battlefield and beyond.