Who We Are

ALVA Labs was formed by a group of concerned Veterans, motivated and dedicated to developing and delivering its patented and cutting-edge SEED terahertz technology as a solution to combating the threat of terrorist activities in the United States and worldwide.

As such, the ALVA Team is 'Mission' focused when it comes to achieving our overall goal & objective of 'Inventing what the world needs' through the application of leading edge Terahertz (THz) technologies.

To accomplish this Mission, ALVA Labs has brought together an exceptionally strong team that not only has a clearly demonstrated and extremely successful 'can do' attitude, but also provides a subject matter expertise (SME) scientific credibility within the THz community at large:

•  Management Team
•  Board of Advisors
Scientific Consultant & Mentor
•  Industry Collaborative Partner

With such an exceptional and missioned focused Leadership Team in place, ALVA Labs has the expertise, tenacity and perseverance to 'drive on' to the Objective and succeed.

Rangers Lead The Way! RLTW!


DISCLAIMER: Pictures/References do not imply endorsement by the United
States Military Academy, West Point, the US military or the Federal government.

ALVA Labs Partners

John JD Lock
John (JD) Lock

President/Program Director 
USMA '82/Army Ranger, LTC, US Army (Ret), MS, PMP
Former Assistant Professor USMA

Richard Gr
Rich Graziano

Director of Research/Chief Scientist, MA
Former Consultant NASA

John Black
John (JB) Black

Director of Contracts Management 
USMA '83/Army Ranger, LTC, US Army (Ret) MBA, MMAS
Former Assistant Professor USMA

Richard Lavosky
Richard (Rick) Lavosky

Assistant Director of Research/Patent PM
USMA '82/Army Ranger, BS, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

David Thomas
David Thomas

Director of Business Development
USMA '82, Strategic Senior Executive, MS

Robert Wines
Robert (Bob) Wines

General Counsel
USMA '72, COL, USAR (Ret), JD

Joseph Weinhoffer
Joseph (Joe) Weinhoffer

Director of Strategic Planning
USMA '82/Army Ranger, MBA, CAIA, CFA

SEED Project

Our Mission

MISSION STATEMENT: Creating revolutionary science and technology to secure our world from terrorism

ALVA Labs holds the SEED Patent for a device with the potential to not only safely detect and identify from a standoff distance explosives at the molecular level, but also detect and identify, as well as mitigate, biological agents, illnesses and infectious diseases such as Anthrax, cancer and Ebola.

We call our device ‘SEED’ for Stimulated Emission and Enhanced Detection, a non-passive, interrogative ‘nonlinear spectroscopy’ application of advanced Terahertz (THz) technology. 

ALVA Team’s mission is to bring this lifesaving, ground breaking and cutting edge SEED technology to the commercial market to not only provide society greater security against terrorism but, also, to significantly enhance quality of life as a function of:

• Defense & Security – Explosives
• WMD – Biological Agents
• Health Care
• Pharmaceuticals
• Other commercial applications to include the detection of illicit drugs and small arms ammunition.

Make the ALVA Team’s mission your mission. 


.........................................Paul "Bud" Bucha


Paul (Bud) Bucha

Medal of Honor recipient
USMA '65/Army Ranger
USMA AOG Distinguished Graduate

President of Paul W. Bucha and Company, Inc., assisting U.S. companies in the export of goods and services overseas, as well as the development and management of real estate; recipient of the Medal of Honor as a Company Commander while leading his troops against enemy forces in Vietnam. Following active duty, Bud served as a Senior Vice President for EDS Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation. The recipient of numerous honors and awards and an MBA from Stanford University.

Thomas F. Metz


Thomas F. Metz

LTG, US Army (Ret)
USMA '71/Army Ranger
USMA AOG Distinguished Graduate
Currently, an advisor and consultant for a broad range of international activities after 40 years of service. Assignments have included senior level command and staff positions to include III Corps and Fort Hood Commander, Deputy TRADOC Commander and Director, Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). Additionally, was Vice Director J8, Joint Staff, Commander of Fort Riley and CENTCOM Chief of Staff; holds a Masters Degree in engineering from North Carolina State University.

Michael L. Oates


Michael L. Oates

LTG, US Army (Ret)
USMA'79/Army Ranger
Currently, Vice President for Army and Special Operations Programs, Lockheed Martin Corporation after 32 years of service and four combat tours in Iraq. Assignments have included senior level command and staff positions including CG, 10th Mountain Division and Director, Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). Holds a Masters Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the US Naval War College.